Bright Mµne Light Shining on: Rodney Hoskins

Rodney Hoskins is a powerful tenor-baritone who cites Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross as his inspirations and major influences. He says he loves Nat's impeccable vocal timing and enunciation, Aretha's passion and Luther's sweeping range.

Rodney's unique voice caught Quincy Jones's ear, who recently included him in a theatrical production. This young man was given the coveted privilege of singing the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Opening Day of the 2007 Season, the same day on which most of America celebrated the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in major league baseball.

Rodney, a native of Detroit, has made his home in lovely Santa Monica, CA for several years now.

Yet, Rodney was so impressed with the songs written for him by SIDney Howard for the Mune-Pi Parables album, that he flew back to Motown to be a member of the Mune-Pi cast of vocalists. Everyone involved in the project is happy he did.


Mission - The Mµne-PI Manifesto

Page 1

    Morality µ (= resistance) Nimbly Engaging Pure-hearted Intellectualism
    We're through the looking glass, people. 
         But is it because a predatory secular society has re-trained brains to perceive
    mirror-wise through skewed views?  As I groom, primp, perfect, and prepare in my
    bathroom mirror, I am guided by the image of my movements therein reflected.  I have
    seen myself operating reverse in it for so long that interpreting my inverse movements
    has become more natural than ever is my negotiating from the vantage of two mirrors
    that show true directions in real time.  Similarly, secular humanism's reversing effect on
    moral truth has yielded a bumptious bumper crop of meandering minds guided by
    moral compasses that always point... wherever.
    The Straight Path
         Situational ethics refute the validity of any foundational firmament for which there
    can be established any moral absolutes.  The absence of such is mistakenly deemed
    independent from the tyranny of structure.
         Imagine a minefield spanning two-hundred square yards.  Bisecting the field from
    one corner to its farthest counter is a high elevated paved walkway only one yard in
    breadth.  Annoyed by the constriction of a pathway that allows only a straight walk, a
    vocal minority is successful in their efforts to have it demolished.  After which, everyone
    becomes free to frolic in the minefield below.  There, they're unencumbered by the
    walk's rule.  As more and more often members of their licentious society are blown to
    bits, rather than admit that the walk they worked to destroy was necessary and a safe
    way, the new-morality minds choose a detrimental trial and error approach.  Further
    complicating things is their reticence to ever admit that the sidewalk was the best
    way. ...that perhaps a greater mind than theirs conceived it and provided it
    foreknowing their fallibilities, and that having to inch through the field ever-aware that
    any misstep most assuredly proves fatal isn't progress at all when compared with the
    way they were once free to safely run up and down the bridge.

Page 2

         I became a real Christian in my early twenties - while performing in a college Funk
    Rock band [Ebony Specktrum].  It was the seventies [see 1970's]. Amazingly for me,
    holiness provided more moral freedom than SID B.C.  I was not one comfortable with
    ever being promiscuous; I have always been a romantic.  The red badge of "Christian"
    gave me courageous license to live morally-free of having to explain myself.
              "Man, I hooked us up with some--"
              "I'm a Christian."
              "Oh...yeah, man. That's cool. ...uh..."
         The irony of opinions purporting that Christians are brainwashed zombies is that
    most of the opposing sentiments are but rehashed regurgitated pre-fab opinions and
    gainsaying that are most often founded on illogical platitudes and prejudices. 
    Obfuscating contextual cushions are so often used by pundits and politicians who
    prefer to always leave open options when "categorically stating" anything.
         In Matthew 5:37, Jesus said, "Let your 'yes' mean yes and your 'no' mean no; all
    else comes from the evil one."  When I first read that, I thought it perhaps an
    overstatement - as did I with several other biblical statements that I ultimately also
    found to be true.  Nowadays, the casual listener can so easily be deceived by what
    they think they hear.  The news is so often interpreted.  Many times we're shown
    footage of some English-speaking person, while an English-speaking news
    correspondent seemingly superfluously voices over an editorialized "interpretation" for
    the English-speaking viewers.  Many will leave the broadcast set in mind that what
    they've heard voiced-over were the exact words of original speaker.  These persons
    will report in-turn what was essentially talk-over as having been the exact words of the
    speaker.  "I heard him say it myself."  It's interesting that they're called news programs.

Page 3

         The programmed will so often allege Christians are programed.  Many so-called
    indeed are.  By my estimation, there are three groups that will answer to the name
    1. There are those who are denominational generational traditionalists.  These are
    those who are raised in traditions of faith that were set forth by family or community. 
    And religiously reenact gestures and poses that communicate their perception of 
    devotion (or devotion to perceptions).
    2. There are the social Christians who utilized the Christian brand as a social uniform
    in a pseudo-commitment to vague popularized tenants that dilute and reduce the
    peculiar calling to generalities like God is love, there're are many ways to love, there're
    many ways to God, religion is a private issue to be kept secret, who can say what God
    says is sin is wrong (a.k.a. Who are we to judge?), and the Bible has been changed
    over the years and can no longer be considered God's word.
    3. And finally, there are Christ's true disciples.  Those who are surrendered to Him - no
    longer self-owning but bought with the price of His saving sacrifice.
         I have long endeavored to walk a wholly holy spiritually-informed path that falls into
    the third category.  The first two were reasons I strayed away; they simply didn't make
    sense to me. For me, it was "Great Pumpkinism".  I needed to believe in a God that
    would show Himself to be real, and not just be a waste of my precious Sunday
    mornings.  When I accepted Jesus as my Lord and became a disciple in my college
    senior year, I asked in prayer that He not allow me to be fake.  From that point on, my
    faith has had to present credentials daily before entering the gates of my belief.  If at
    anytime my belief in Jesus Christ proves untrue, it will summarily be discarded.  That
    has never happened, and as it proves itself truer as time goes by, I cannot foresee that
         We are in a war.  This is a fight to the death for souls.

Page 4

        Systems of Survival
         The law of the jungle is survival of the fittest. It is the nature of things natural.
         So many speak on the subject of sin nature - that is, the flesh (or human nature)
    purposed in directions diametrically opposite to the spirit. [Romans 7:23 again]  While
    the spirit desires to please God, the mankind's nature lives to be pleased by self
    service.  What must be considered and understood is human nature, which is the
    natural animal design of our bodies (that serves as our vehicles in the natural world -
    as does a scuba diving suit allow a naturally terrestrial diver to perform as if on land in
    a aquatic realm) is combined with a true spiritual self-passenger within.  In a principle
    not unlike the infusion of carbon into iron to create the steel alloy, the infusion of the
    God-imaged spirit into natural body of mankind produces the natural supernatural
    hybrid human being.  The natural bodies of animals are designed for survival
    personally and corporately by the propagation of their respective species.  Sin is
    derived from the manipulation of the survival drives to excessive degrees.  Paul writes: 
    "The love of money is the root of all evil."  The love of money begins with the
    understanding of its power for provision.  Evil begins when the understanding of need
    is distorted into lustful desires to acquire more than the need.  That which is designed
    in us to desire toward the proliferation of our kind, is designed in Godly terms to have
    us attracted to the opposite gender - designed to accommodate and complete - so that
    together, two can produce children and thereby extended the species in an optimum
    natural family setting.  As well by proper design, the loving bond that brought the two
    together is further strengthened to form a dedication to the family unit as structure and
    security for the children's benefit.  As a little something for our troubles, God has
    included a little bonus...sexual pleasure.  The forces of evil, stress that gracious bonus
    to the point where weakness turns from the selfless family directive to a selfish one that
    will live to satiate the instable carnal urges.  We are designed so that when the tank is
    full, the pump shuts off automatically.  The evil cultural pilots override this safety
    precaution, proverbially resulting in a dangerous overflow.  Then, only just a spark is
    required to start the consuming fires. ...hell on earth.

Page 5

          Based on the latest these days, these are the last days; this is it.  History as a
    forecaster would imply that society as we know it is on a tragic downturn.  As a nation,
    we've grown from our precocious infancy - filled with its foibles - to our current
    rebellious adolescence.  Some are making moves to ban religious [there goes that
    word again] expression when it is expressly Christian in nature.  Otherwise, it falls
    under the protective cover of "culture diversity".
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    Isn't it romantic, romancing the stoned?
    Romans 7:23
         We're in a war. ...the army of good embroiled in a figurative (and ultimately literal
    bloody) conflict against the forces of evil.  The theater of battle is in the mind. [Some
    may contrive between-space meanings in such talk, but what I write reads like an open
    and forthcoming nutritional guide free of nebulous content.]
         Perception is reality.  That which one deems real is one's reality.  If one sees
    modesty as a virtue, lasciviousness is shameful.  If the former reflects a former primitive
    time of overbearing prudence inflicted upon and against the inherent freedoms of
    highly evolved food chain toppers to take in topless presentations and satiate
    salacious urges, then morality is seen as intrusive by its very existence.  The desired
    effect of situational ethics is that everyone be allowed to crash and burn without the
    burden of any warning element. frolic in the pink mists of the minefield.
    "I wish there was no Black or White; I wish there was no God." - Prince

          Celebrated recording artists such as Prince and John Lennon (in "Imagine") have
    made a practice of lumping in "religion" along with war, racism, and the whole of select
    world's ills.  Though I am not much for that which is colloquially deemed
    "religious" [see Christian categories section], I feel that blaming the wrongs of some on
    the entire expanse of a group is a sympathetic psycho-mechanical parallel to all
    bigotry and tenants of prejudice.  When an NFL quarterback is revealed in the news as
    being involved in something as cruel and despicable as dog-fighting, few would
    suggest him to represent the whole of all pro quarterbacks - or semi-pro and amateur,
    for that matter.

Page 6

         A politician is caught in the wrong; murmurings buzz until they bite.  After the yeast
    makes the dough rise, it becomes known nabob conversational currency that they all
    steal, fornicate, are homosexual whoremongers who're all on the special interest dole. 
    After the incidence of perverse darkness associated with the Roman Catholic
    priesthood came to light, every man-of-the-cloth became fair game for comedians and
    sketch shows.  Likewise the gospel has been skewed in the public eye by the images
    of disgraced religious leaders, a history of so-called Christians [see Christian
    categories 1 & 2] who aren't in anyway at all Christ-like.
         The more Hedonistic secular society becomes, all the more often Christian (truly
    Christ-like) traits like fundamentalism, Bible literalist (a.k.a. Bible
    thumperismicatationinenolism), and evangelical are disdained.  In accordance, Jesus
    - by sticking by His word (that which was with God in the beginning, and was Him) and
    sharing Himself openly with all who would be saved by His sacrifice - is a great
    offender.  And His disciples are moreover offensive for following in His way.
         If a picture proverbially says a thousand words, a picture purposefully placed out of
    context will tell many lies - a very dangerous proposition if seeing is believing.
         There are polls that indicate that there're many who rely of satirical "fake" news
    shows as their windows on the world.
         The arts provide surreal presentations of the real.  Surrealism distorts to emphasize,
    satirize, and sometimes to neutralize.  A passenger-side rearview bears the caption
    suggesting that objects reflected may appear farther than they really are.  The
    distortions allow a more comprehensive view than the 1:1 truth.  Hyperbole in a
    headline draws the reader in to read the full text that will summarily dismiss the
    distortion as an innocent device needed to facilitate the fact being communicated.  And
    tragically, innuendo and rumor processed from trace amounts of truth are too often
    adopted as fact.
         Jesus exemplifies one who welcomes open debate.  To say the least, He was
    always prepared to defend His position without disallowing countering opinions. 
    Those opposed to religion - believe one's belief something that should be kept private
    (while many of the ilk celebrate the showing-off of one's privates), work diligently to
    prohibit and/or corral free expression that conflicts with their own beliefs or disbeliefs.

Page 7

       The point of it all is that the intellectual mind counsels the soul.  The arts feed the
  soul through this connection.  One of my favorite book titles is A Mind Awake - a
  compilation of C. S. Lewis' most profound writings.  The phrase says so much about
  this war.  We who would endeavor to enlighten must be awake at our posts. ...always
  thinking.  "Nothing comes to sleepers but a dream. - Gap Band.  The Morality-Resistant
  movement has, as its' major weapon, complacency and reticence toward
  confrontation.  We are gifted to have three-dimensional sight because left and right
  eyes differ in their views.  If The Mµne-Pi Parables fails to interest and/or entertain, it
  has failed greatly in its categorical purpose.  But art for interests and entertainment
  sake alone waste the time of the idiom as well as its' consumers.
  "We got a message in our music." - Gamble and Huff
       What we endeavor in this endeavor is to inspire introspection, true open debate,
  and invitations accepted to test-drive moral notions condemned these days by popular
  secular closed-minded culture.
       And for those of you keeping score at home, the sidewalk over the minefield
  remains intact.  Those lost in the minefield below need only look up to see it, then
  scale the ladder called Christ.
  M - orality
  µ = (resistance)
  N - imbly
  E - ngaging
  P - ure-hearted
  I - intellectualism
       The morality resistance [symbolized by the variable "µ", or mu (myoo)] stands in
  faith foundationally against favored-flavors forces of popular deception, to serve the
  befallen so as not to befall the very loss of our faith - stewards of intellectual property
  verified in fact and its expedient delivery, in fact.  We serve the Truth as we serve the
  Please enjoy your Mµne-Pi with a refreshing swig of SIDzCarbonatedMilk.

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Can I Fly Away with You Download    $ .99
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What's It Gonna Take Download    $ .99
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After Piano Liaisons ii-iii-I Download    $ .99
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munepicover SIDzCarbonatedMilk began as a studio concept in the summer of 1979. Upon purchasing his first "real" synth...a Arp Odyssey still in use (the first first ax was a Korg 770S a.k.a MiniKorg... the first-fist-first axe was a Univox electronic piano processed through a Mu-Tron III filter and a Mu-Tron Phasor II). The Arp was chosen for its duophic playability, from which the first SCM song was composed "Duophonix-".Though there have been many contributors to SCM recordings years along the way over the near thirty (yipes!) years of SCM's existence, it has remained mostly the compositions and performances of SIDney Howard that has created "their" sound.

SIDney Howard was raised one hundred or so miles out of Memphis, Tennessee in the Mississippi Delta, his native musical influences would be Blues and Memphis Soul. But SIDney Howard's awakening into music as a musician was more widely varied and cosmopolitan. He grew up in Mississippi on the campus Mississippi Valley State University--a pioneering Black college that his parents helped pioneer. In his former life, SIDz father (Dr. CW Howard) a former associate VP of MVSU was a big band Jazz reed man. SIDz mother (Dr. Zelma Howard) was the World Literature professor. As such the appreciation of both music and were developed from the beginning.

In college, SID played keys for the Chi-lites and opened a show for Rufus featuring Chaka Chan on their summer of 1980 Masterjam tour. 1980, SIDney Howard graduated from MVSU's Jazz and Commercial Music program and moved to Detroit to join Thang, Inc. Records George Clinton's short-lived CBS imprint label. The old Motown base put him in contact as a composer/producer/keyboardist with not only the P-Funkmaster himself, but with Stevie Wonder's golden ages coloaborator Sylvia Moy (My Cherie Amour, Sign Sealed, Delivered, etc.), Barrett Strong, Stax's and United Sound Systems' Don Davis, The Dells, Johnny Bristol--whom SID had the priviledge of co-producing before his sudden passing in 2004. SIDney Howard started his writing career with his graphic novel The Amazing Adventures of Power Puppy illustrated by the author himself...graphic art having been his earliest gift manifested.

That was followed by two volumes of short stories [Cranial Crumbs & Residue and Brainflush Protocol], and a current novel just ready for release. CCR and BP are currently being produced by the author for Enteje as audio books, featuring the exceptionally talented Tiren Jhames. The former (Cranial Crumbs...) was the inspiration for "Please Don't Harmonica". Songs from it "Eyerise" and "Carboverture" have been utlilized as background tracks for Enteje audio articles heard on For other thingly blogs by and current info on TheSID, please go to


Mµne-PI Artists

SIDney Howard

SIDney Howard SIDney Howard was raised one hundred or so miles out of Memphis, Tennessee in the Mississippi Delta, his native musical influences would be Blues and Memphis Soul. But SIDney Howard's awakening into music as a musician was more widely varied and cosmopolitan.

He grew up in Mississippi on the campus Mississippi Valley State University--a predominantly Black college that his parents helped pioneer. In his former life, SIDz father (Dr. CW Howard) a former associate VP of MVSU was a big band Jazz reed man. SIDz mother (Dr. Zelma Howard) was the World Literature professor. As such the appreciation of both music and literature were developed from the beginning.

In college, SID played keys for the Chi-lites and opened for Rufus featuring Chaka Chan. 1980, SIDney Howard graduated from MVSU's Jazz and Commercial Music program and moved to Detroit to join Thang, Inc. Records, George Clinton's short-lived CBS imprint label. The old Motown base put him in contact as a composer/producer/keyboardist with not only the P-Funkmaster himself, but with Stevie Wonder's golden ages coloaborator Sylvia Moy (My Cherie Amour, Sign Sealed, Delivered, etc.), Barrett Strong, Stax's and United Sound Systems' Don Davis, The Dells, Johnny Bristol (whom SID had the priviledge of co-producing before his sudden passing in 2004).

It was at Sylvia Moy's studio where SIDney (signed as a writer/producer for Moy's Musiki Publishing, BMI) met Jubal leader Rufus Harris. Rufus invited SIDney to record on their upcoming "Onward" album. When after his then current group L.I.G.H.T.S. disbanded, he joined Jubal as keyboardist for an 8-year stint and a second album "Sometimes It Matters". Then 10 years later he rejoined with Rufus in The Rufus Harris Band for another 8 years and 2 1/2 albums.

Over his 30 years in the music industry, SIDney has composed, written, and produced over 1,000 musical works. Closest to his heart are the projects involving vocal phenom Rodney Hoskins and SIDney's studio concept ensemble SIDzCarbonatedMilk. "The Mμne-Pi Parables" is the current SCM release of three including "Please Don't Harm Monica" (1993) and "The Men In Martian Ice" (2000).

SIDney Howard started his writing career with his graphic novel The Amazing Adventures of Power Puppy illustrated by the author himself... graphic art having been his earliest gift manifested. That was followed by two volumes of short stories [Cranial Crumbs & Residue and Brainflush Protocol], and a current novel just ready for release. CCR and BP are currently being produced by the author for a Language Universal Recording Society (L.U.R.S.) audio book series that features the exceptionally talented Tiren Jhames, Reuben Yabuku, Theresa Maybee (Bollinger). The former (Cranial Crumbs...) was the inspiration for SIDzCarbonateMilk's first album: "Please Don't Harmonica".

Farouk Aboukar

World famous, Beirut-born, masterful middle-eastern percussionist

Mark Drummond

Mark Drummond "Mark Drummond and Grooveometri" is the nom d'artiste by which Markovic Drummond produces original groove and chill jazz music. A guitarist and producer with a funky, soulful approach to smooth jazz and R&B, Mark honed his style performing in show bands throughout the Midwestern and Southern US.

Since settling in Southern California in the 80s, Mark has been a sideman with several R&B, gospel and smooth jazz groups and produced and remixed several releases for international musicians. He also co-composed and produced the soundtrack to the feature short "Bringing Up BayBay" for Soleil Films.

Mark's original releases are R&B-inflected smooth jazz with plenty of old-school funk accoutrements: 2007's "Six Strings, One Love"; "2 Smooth 4 Words", a 2008 collaboration with keyboardist Daniel A. Nelson; "Chilloutronica" (2009), an experimental/ambient R&B excursion; and a smooth jazz and noveau-holiday CD "Yuletronica" (2009), all of which are available worldwide on iTunes.


Sarah Jjira

Sarah Jjira

Theresa Maybee Bolinger

Theresa Maybee Bolinger Theresa has been a performer, director and producer for over fifteen years. Performance credits include: performing as a cast member on Main Stage at The Second City (Detroit, MI) and Assistant Directing there under Saturday Night Live Director Tom Gianas, cast member of “Strong Women Keep Coming”, Host of TV pilot “Peacemakers”, Improvisational Comedian for Toyota Motors and a Spokesperson/Product Specialist/Trainer for automotive companies including General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Honda and Toyota.

Theresa has also had featured film roles in “Mutant Swingers from Mars”, “Temptation” and “A Polish Wedding”. She has served as Executive Director for Spare Me Productions and Executive Producer for Peacemakers, Inc. Theresa has also served as Director/General Manager of The Magic Bag in Ferndale, The Millennium Centre Convention and Performing Arts Complex in Southfield, The Majestic Theatre in Detroit and The Federal Reserve Conference Center in Detroit.

Mrs. Maybee Bolinger has served as a Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Costumer, Make Up Artist and Set Dresser for many productions such as, “A Family Affair”, “If These Hips Could Talk”, “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Family” and, most recently, “Whatever She Wants” starring Vivica A. Fox in 2007. Theresa has spent over twelve years in Christian Arts Ministry including Director and Producer for Kensington Community Church from 1997 – 2000, Drama Team at Northridge Community Church from 2003 – 2005 and Director of Drama for “The Glory of Christmas” 2004- attracting over 20,000 audience members. She currently is Director of the Drama Department at The Link School of the Arts in Troy since 2002.

Reuben Yabuku

Torence Carey

Cindy Young

Rodney Hoskins

Rodney Hoskins Rodney Hoskins' music experiences span wide in time as his existence. As so many important artist before him, Rodney's roots are in the Black Gospel music of the Church. He is an admired member of the world renown R&B and Gospel music community of (MOTOWN) Detroit, Michigan.

Having returned to the United States after an European tour with renowned Black music figure-Bill Moss, it can be said truly that Rodney's extraordinary vocal gift has literally taken him around the world. What Rodney offers in his vocal performances is a pleasurable blend of power and soothing warmth. There is in it all the texture and craft associated with more traditional Gospel and R&B music, but more there is the prudent reserve and exacting application that yields a work that serves as a beneficially and a properly prescribed comforting balm.

Now, finally, he has found this time of his calling. God wills, the world shall have the pleasure of experiencing what so many have treasured in his music,the sound of real love and a voice of truth. Just out and available, Rodney has released his first project on CD, the long awaited "Tell Them", that features strong oft times soaring melodies supported with solid and insightful orchestrations.


Erin Barger

Erin Barger Erin Barger is currently attending Michigan State University (class of 2013) studying elementary education with a major in integrated science and a minor in math. Singing has been her passion since she could speak, and many years of vocal training recitals, choirs, plays, and musicals have allowed her to enjoy her place in the sun on stage.

Past shows include The President's New Clothes, Miracle on 34th Street, Bye Bye Birdie, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, High School Musical, and Oliver. Although not participating in theatre while at MSU, she continues to use her vocal gift in choirs, worship bands at Campus Crusade for Christ's weekly meetings, and, singing along to her favorite tunes in her dorm room.

Erin loves acting because it allows her to let her dramatic side loose (even though she is told she's dramatic all the time), and loves singing because it's such a beautiful, freeing, and unique form of expression - there are so many tunes, tones, dynamics, and lyrics that can be used to write thousands of songs and not one of them will be the same as another.

J. Carl Robinson

World-renowned engineer, guitarist, and drummer

Tim “X-Mann” Mann

Tim "X-Mann" Mann I started playing guitar at the age of twelve after hearing Eddie Van Halen on Michael Jackson's "Beat-it" single. I had always loved contemporary pop music of the 80's. This meeting of rock and pop was intoxicating and made me take a look at rock music as well. I was hooked on the guitar and started a high school band that I would play in for five years.

I then went off to college and studied music theory, piano and ear training for two years. After that I was asked to joined a Christian band and cut a CD with that group. This led to a few promotional concerts and some great contacts. Through this contact and an audition I was awarded a six year spot playing guitar at Kensington Community Church.

I was content playing guitar for Kensington when an opportunity presented itself in the form of an all 90's tribute band. This band titled "The X-Generation" is put together through Tangerine Moon Productions. TMP and it's owner Carey Denha have been instrumental in pushing me through to my next Carrer level. This has led to studio work with Sid Howard as well as fellow TMP artist Nick Kuhl.

I'm currently working on my own CD of instrumental guitar music and learning how to produce, arrange and mix as well. I hope to continue working with gifted artists and just being a side man to there talents for years to come.

rufus harris

Rufus Harris Take the vocal and melodic sound of Seal; add a little funk; guitar work like Toto; bundled with a spiritual focus; and you have - rufus harris.

With three projects under his belt and two more in the making – this Recording Artist has taken Christian music to a whole new level. Each cleverly crafted album illustrates Rufus’ creativity and varied musical influences. His upbringing in Alaska exposed him to all types of musical artists ranging from Sly and the Family Stone to the Beatles.

When not performing at coffeehouses and churches, Rufus often spends his time sharing his music at nursing homes and prisons. He is a national platform artist for Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship and performs for inmates across the country.

But Rufus is not just focused on his own music career. In an effort to help other independent Christian artists, he co-founded The CAMP – Christian Artists and Musicians Project – a non-profit organization that assists and showcases diverse independent artists. The organization’s must visible event - 4thFridays with rufus harris has become one of Metro Detroit’s premier venues for Christian entertainment.

Rufus continues to touch many with his unforgettable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. He has become a mentor to artists and prisoners and an inspiration to Christian music lovers everywhere. He currently lives in the Detroit area with his lovely wife Denise; has two beautiful daughters; is "Grandpappy" to two delightful granddaughters. He is pastor of The Bridge Church in Pontiac, Michigan.

Links: (Free Music Downloads - Free For Real - )

Jack Marchbanks

Jack Marchbanks Jack Marchbanks was born near Muscle Shoals, Alabama and raised in Dayton during the boom of the southwestern Ohio funk explosion of the 1970s, he was known as the "smart one" or "the egghead" by his high school classmates who formed Lakeside and by his University of Dayton Kappa frat brother, Clarence "Chet" Willis, guitarist for the Ohio Players.

After gaining access to the Los Angeles music scene through his friends in Lakeside and Whispers' tunesmith Dana Myers, Marchbanks briefly worked as a songwriter for Solar Records in the early 1980s. By the early 1990s, he found his calling as a historian and "keeper of the flame" for African American popular culture and music.

He founded the African American Musical Heritage Group, an Ohio-based non-profit organization dedicated to educating the world and celebrating the under recognized influence of black creativity on popular culture. Marchbanks has produced several blues and jazz concerts. He has staged successful shows featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legends, B.B. King and Buddy Guy, as well as other concerts headlining the late Albert King and Koko Taylor. He has written, produced and acted in "Jazzy Broadway," an original musical revue chronicling African American's contributions to the evolution of the Broadway musical.

He has ten years of experience and accomplishments in writing and producing works for National Public Radio, particularly its Ohio affiliate stations. Among his notable works are award winning scripts for "Kids Sundae," a weekly live theatre children's radio hour that aired on WCBE 90.5-FM (Columbus) from 1994-1996.

He has also penned and had broadcast nationally his original commentaries on Morning Edition with Bob Edwards (2000) and on the Tavis Smiley Show (2002). Marchbanks has been such a consistent champion of Ohio's African American musical greats that he was given a special honor by the O'Jays management team.

They invited him to New York City and granted him an exclusive interview with the Canton, Ohio - born group prior to their 2005 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Vito Lafata Jr.

Vito Lafata Jr. Vito did his first professional gig in 1974 and has continued ever since. He has been featured in guitar player magazine 3 times, has done over 100 commercials, plus industrial films.

Vito has studied with flamenco guitarist Juan Serrano, Laurence Juber, Preston Reed, Ed Gerhart, Matt Smith, Dave Martone, Jody Fisher, and others. He has also done workshops with Phil Keaggy, Pat Metheny, Muriel Anderson, Leo Kottke, and others.

Vito also produces a lot of local artists (metro Detroit area). He has also been the music director at “Mountaintop Christian Church” since 1999 and still currently teaches. He recently worked “Christmas in Detroit 3” and helped arrange and play on a couple of songs with Mitch Albom.

Vito is also a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, piano, bass, harmonica, pedal steel plus more.


John Holkeboer

John Holkeboer John Holkeboer is a bass player and composer living in Ferndale, Michigan. He is a graduate of the music composition program at the University of Michigan where he performed with the University Symphony Orchestra and the Jazz Composers Orchestra.

In Ann Arbor he played with many diverse groups including Billy, Etch-a-Sketch and The Bucket. He worked as a professional musician and recording engineer in Boston, MA for several years before returning to the Detroit area to work in audio post-production.

His sound design has been used in national radio and television ads for Six Flags, OnStar and Chrysler. He currently plays bass in Shoot Out the Lights, The Oblivion Project and The Sequins, where he sings and plays original psychedelic country-rock.



SiloamPool Siloam (Greek; interpreted "sent"), Pool (like drops of water that form a collective soothing common effort). If one had to describe this fueled with fire artist that chases away the chill, Siloam is sent to soothe.

Singer/songwriter; Siloam Pool’s early love of music is an affair of sorts that on and off again love stories are made. Time and time again Siloam would walk away from this love that just would not let her be. While studying as a pre-med. undergraduate at the University of Michigan, she took music theory and vocal classes. The shy young woman not confident in being the front person found satisfaction singing backgrounds.

Her writing and vocal style are poetically tranquilizing with soulful jazz infused rhythms where immediately you realize this is a voice you have not heard before. Learning to embrace her uniqueness has been an evolutionary process driven by a determination to be true to herself. As with the opening track, “truly muchacha” you are listening in on an intimate conversation where she tries to convince herself that she must tell the man she loves the truth about her past.

Siloam’s Euro style that is reminiscent of the "beatnik" era is romantically refreshing. Traveling unpaved roads is not uncommon for this debut artist. A fascination for cars since a pre-teen led to several years touring extensively with the North American International Auto Show. Once again this love of music would call. Siloam was invited to sit in on a rehearsal with Fred Hammond and RFC. That one rehearsal led to a year of performances, recordings and touring with the group that would solidify Siloam’s love for music once and for good. The following year she officially ended her tour with the North American International Auto Show and focused on her music.

Detroit, Michigan native SiloamPool along with Sidney Howard wrote, arranged and produced this debut EP, "Colors of Black & White" stating. “As our sound developed, it began to breath with a life of it’s own. Its’ variety of tempos are threaded to serenade the listener, which is how music I love first gets and keeps my attention. My dad loved Jazz and Soul; my mother loved classical music. The artist I grew up on was as diverse as it gets”.

The diversity of these musical influences include Nina Simone, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sting, Carlos Santana, Al Jarreau and Kathleen Battle to name a few. This diversity is reflected in the SiloamPool listener and was very evident as SiloamPool performed at the 2003 Comerica Tastefest in Detroit, MI (USA). Song after song the crowd intensified. Filling the rows and isles like a pied piper beckoning them note after note. Venturing to the sound stage to hear for the first time what others had already discovered.

The kinds of things that touch Siloam’s heart is notably recognized in the metaphorical title song "colors of black & white". Which encourages us to appreciate the beauty in other races and nations. “It’s those things that make us different that make us beautiful. The song’s lyric is representation of races of people and how different and valuable each one is”, Siloam adds. “To help heal what ills us is why I wanted to become a doctor”. Ask if she has any regrets of not becoming a doctor? She gives a resoundingly no, “to write and perform music it’s what I love, that’s best of both worlds. Through music I learn to receive, give and hopefully ease someone’s pain by touching their soul and spirit, that is what it means to be sent”.


Ron Otis

Ron Otis

Ron Otis is an exceptionally talented drummer who has toured, performed, and/or recorded with the following artists…

2006 Bob James Urban Flamingo
Earl Klugh Touring Band
2005 Dave McMurray The Best of David McMurray
Various Artists Electronic Music Festival
The Warren Commission Lessons of Love Movement
Kem Album II (Motown)
2004 Various Artists Undercover
2003 Gilles Peterson Trust the DJ: GP04
David McMurray Nu Life Stories
The Detroit Experiment Detroit Experiment
2002 Randy Scott Words Unspoken
Kevin Stewart One More Day
Edgar Wallace Jr. On the Beach
Marlena Shaw Live in Tokyo
Ed Stone In the Morning Light
Various Artists Freewheelin’
2001 Alexander Zonjic Reach for the Sky
2000 Tim Bowman Smile
Carolyn Striho/Luis Resto Original Soundtracks of Transition
David McMurray
Various Artists Stars: Afro Cubano Chant, Vol. 2
1999 SWV Special Christmas
Nancey Jackson Relationships Special
Iyanla VanZant Meantime: The Music That Tells The Story
Nancy Wilson Greatest Hits (Sony)
1998 Tyrese Tyrese
Tyrese (Japan)
1998 Aretha Franklin Rose is Still A Rose
Keith Washington KW
Nancy Wilson If I Had My Way (single)
1997 Nancy Wilson If I Had My Way
Alto Reed Cool Breeze
SWV Christmas Album
1996 Special Gift Set Time
Wendy Moten Life’s What You Make It
Earl Klugh Journey
1995 Tina Moore Tina Moore
Earl Klugh Sudden Burst of Energy
1993 Thomas A. Whitfield Tribute to “The Maestro”
Various Artists
Robert Ware Harvest is Over

Ron was drafted into the " …Mμne-Pi Parables" project by producer SIDney Howard on the enthusiastic recommendation of SCM singer and solo artist SiloamPool - with whom he also performs.


Kenny Watson

Kenny Watson The Amazing Kenny Watson is definitely who his fans says he is. As a Detroit native, he is carved out of musical excellence and has a message of love for man-kind, love for oneself and love for God.

The Amazing Kenny Watsons' versatility comfortably carries refined vocals across multiple genres. The Amazing has performed overseas, as well as all over the United States and Canada. For 3 years he as been a headlining performer on the Mike-E and Afroflow Tour, sponsored by American Cancer Society, the largest cancer fighting organization in the world. He has also appeared in several national TV ads and radio commercials.

As a charismatic performer, his stage presence commands your attention, as flowing locks mesmerize and velvet steel voice leave listeners hypnotized. The Amazing Kenny Watson is definitely who his fans say he is. AMAZING!!


Rick Williams

Tiren Jhames


Lish Lish has been singing professionally in Detroit for over ten years. In addition to her vocal ability, her live performance is dynamic and energetic, as she has been performing in both musical and dramatic productions since childhood. Her experience includes musical theatre, classical choral training and dance.

Lish has had the pleasure of performing many different genres of music – from 50’s to alternative rock to R&B to movie soundtracks. Her versatility and technique have allowed her to perform a variety of styles and venues including: The National Anthem as a three part harmony, a cappela arrangement at semi-pro baseball games and syndicated horse races to Las Vegas; back-up singing for recording artists such as Johnny Preston; an acoustic act; rockin’ original act at bars, clubs and festivals; 50’s and 80’s throwback including costumes and high-energy, choreographed shows; live in-studio radio spots; studio recording and musical theatre.

All of these pieces come together when she is on stage to produce a truly entertaining and aesthetically pleasing experience for all those who are watching and listening.


2007 - Present    Lead Singer    The Square Pegz
            Genre: 80’s Tribute Band
            Based in Detroit , MI
            Performs Nationally

2000 - Present    Lead & Back-up Vocals
            Moose and Da Sharks featuring Da Sharkettes
            Genre: 50’s, 60’s, Motown
            Based in Detroit, MI
            Performs Nationally

1998 - Present    Lead Singer
            Genre: Original Rock/Pop
            Based in Detroit, MI
            Performs Regionally

Discography: "Colors/Winter" EP, Penumbrae 2008" One Way Drive", Third Monk Records, 2005

Radio: "All This Time," "High Five", "Utica Green" and other tracks from the release have received airplay in Detroit on WQKL, WHFR, WBLD and WSDP; in Columbia City, Indiana on WJHS in medium rotation; in Goshen Indiana on WGCS on medium rotation; in Lansing, MI on WLNZ; in Kalamazoo, MI on WIDR; in Burlington, WI on WBSD; in Athens, OH on WOUB; at Bowling Green University on WBGU; in Bethlehem, PA on WLVR; and on XM Satellite Radio's "Unsigned." Penumbrae is regularly featured on WHFR 89.3 FM, which spins tracks from "One Way Drive" as well as in-studio performances and previously recorded demos (visit for playlists). They have also been featured a number of times on the Mitch Albom Show, WJR760. "One Way Drive" is being serviced to college and public radio regionally and is distributed nationally. Streaming tracks are available on and at

Video: "My Happy Face", Penumbrae, 2009

Back-up singer for Johnny Preston ("Chantilly Lace", "Running Bear") at live shows in Detroit
Guest Lead Vocalist – "Lies", Carbonated Milk (2009)
Lead Vocalist – Movie soundtrack for TRAP (2007)
Back-up singer for Stefano Garissi (live performance, and on All or Nothing CD, 2006)
Trade Event singer at Caesar’s in Las Vegas (2006)
Lead & Back-up vocalist – The Misty Blues (2004-2006)
Lead Singer – Ruby Moon (covers and originals) 1999-2000
Various Musical Theatre Productions



Carey Denha

Carey Denha Lead vocalist for the Mega 80's, Carey Denha, has been the vocalist of Going Public, a Michigan State band he played in when he attended the university in the 90's, as well as the original Michigan M'80's band.

Carey has now embarked upon managing other high-end production bands like the Mega 80's in his new venture, Tangerine Moon Productions.


Jason Gittinger

Jason Gittinger Jason S. Gittinger is one of Detroit’s most versatile studio and live drummer/percussionists. He has performed extensively in popular, jazz and classical circles. A product of musician parents and a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan with a degree in Jazz Studies, Mr. Gittinger has studied with some of the drumming community’s most notable teachers including: Robert Breithaupt, Ed Soph, Steve Houghton, Jeff Hamilton and Dave Weckl.

Mr. Gittinger has recorded extensively in a variety of styles. He has been heard on advertising campaigns for companies such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Mazda as well as produced and written music for television on Fox and library music company Gene Michael Productions. His live performance experiences have been at venues as diverse as The Palace of Auburn Hills for the Detroit Pistons and Pleasant Elementary School in Marion, Ohio. International performances and tours have taken him to countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Spain.

He is the founder and Executive Producer of The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music®,; a diverse musical community focused on the pursuit of excellence through a positive, motivating, and educational environment. He has taught drums, percussion, and music technology in the Grosse Pointe School System as well as Calumet Center for Juvenile Justice in the Wayne County correctional system.

He has also taught privately to select private students at various teaching facilities in the Midwest. He frequently gives clinics and writes articles and blogs such as "Amusement Park Drumming" in the November 2000 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine written after tenure as an entertainer at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. He speaks regularly to the Michigan Music Educators, Technology Institute for Music Education, various local civic organizations as well as presents clinics to professional entertainment companies such as Cedar Point Amusement Park.

His current professional music endeavors include being both a member of the highly successful production, The Mega 80’s,; as well as the musical director for Tangerine Moon Productions,; “home of the nation’s greatest tribute acts and imaginative entertainment.” He also spends considerable time producing and playing on recordings for various local and national artists as well as his church, Rockpointe Community Church,

Jason, an avid "community builder", goes out of his way to educate and nurture young and aspiring musicians about being a professional. He supports causes that teach people that being a success in life is not a singular pursuit but a team endeavor. He sits on the board of the Royal Oak, Michigan Chamber of Commerce and through The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music provides music lessons, entertainment and support to many local charities, organizations, and students that may need help.

The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music® has accomplished a lot in it’s short existence. The students have played numerous concerts at places and events such as, The Palace of Auburn Hills, The Royal Oak Holiday Magic Parade (televised), The Henry Ford Museum, The Detroit Zoo, The Royal Oak Clay Glass and Metal Show, The Wolfman Mac’s Nightmare Sinema. They have also hosted clinics with artists such as; Larry Fratangelo (Kid Rock), Kris Pooley (Smashing Pumpkins, Gwen Stefani, Morrissey), Ginger Pooley (Smashing Pumpkins), Luis Resto (Eminem, Was Not Was, Producer), Robert Breithaupt (Capital University), as well as others. They have been featured in articles on and The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News,, The Marion Star and various other features.

Jason lives in Warren, Michigan with his wife Sherry and their daughters Jasmine and Samantha.


Ralf Patterson

Ralf Patterson Ralf Patterson has been holding down the bottom in Detroit area bands and churches for over two decades. He is currently the bass player (and founding member) of the Christian rock band Sound of Reign. His tasteful playing and energetic performance style always add a dynamic element regardless of the musical genre.


Linnon Wells

Linnon Wells

Phillip Van Buren

Phillip Van Buren Phillip Van Buren is a graduate of The University of Michigan, Phillip has spent the last several years pursuing music theory and music technology at both Wayne State University and Schoolcraft College. Phillip has obtained personal woodwind instruction from Sax men John Wojciechowski, George Benson, and DSO Bassoonist Marcus Schoon. All of these assets finally fused into a turnkey ability to compose, arrange, engineer, and perform all tracks on the maiden project Asia Minor.

Recent Affiliations/Engagements: Currently Phil plays as sideman for up and coming smooth jazz artist Cheri Oliver as well as the gospel rap group God’s Army. The Detroit Taste Fest and The Detroit Music Awards were among the venues that Phil helped back up with a gospel horn sound for God’s Army. Wayne State University’s Noel Night was his most recent solo engagement. Currently Phillip is one of the music ministers at Covenenant Community Four Square Church in Royal Oak. Finally, Phillip holds the position of Artist in Residence for Hot Ice Inc, a multimedia consulting firm based out of the Washington D.C. area.

Phil’s Sound: The influence for Phillip’s first solo project is varied and includes Jazz, Gospel, World, Pop, Brazilian, and Classical. He performs as a solo artist, quartet, or up to a seven piece band depending on the job’s requirements. P/A equipment is included for audiences up to 250 people.

Current Project Title Song: Asia Minor: Inspired by a desire to take a middle eastern scale and jazz improvisation and wrap it in a dance beat. Sunrise is a merger of African rythyms, techno and brazilian type vocals. On The Trail is a musical night journey on some imagined forested trail. Tia is a love ballad in its most simple form. 1stgroove contains hints of smooth jazz but with more of a sultry neosoul beat. The horn is up-tempo and is a contrast in beats between hip-hop and jazz fusion. The Reason is a song inspired by the gospel roots of a message of hope. After The Rain is a medium tempo jazz flavored motif. Toccata Funk is based on Toccatta and Fuge in D minor by J.S. Bach. This song merges classical and the funk element and creates alot of energy in a live session.

Cover Material: Cover artists include: David Sandborn, Grover Washington, Chick Corea, Ronnie Laws, Kenny G, Boyz to Men, The Yellow Jackets, The Crusaders, Marvin Gaye, The Average White Band.




Check out Niles Howard's video of the song "SIDon 'S'on the Map" on YouTube. It's the first release off SIDzCarbonatedMilk's new album, Mµne-Pi.



  SIDon (‘S’on the Map)     [Genesis 2:8]

Featuring Farouk Aboukar: tablah and tambourine; Sister Ohwaye*: vocals; SIDney Howard: drum and percussion programming, modeled strings and sitar, Moog Modular V, *Korg Oasys PCI

  (Humming) ‘cross the Chorus of Gleeful Idiocy     [Romans 1-2] (...and not)

Featuring SIDney Howard: Omnisphere synthesizer; Commentary by: Theresa Maybee, Cindy Young, Mark Drummond, Reuben Yabuku, Sarah Jjira, Torence Carey

  That Said (…Sounds Like You Got You a Problem)     [Romans 12:21/2 Corinthians 12:9]

Verse 1
It’s out there waiting, if you know what to find:
…the point to start off what you’re leaving behind
‘cause honor’s not stopping, boy
Boot up; your job is to love somehow
By dodging something dug into you

That said, “provide that daven”
[…sounds like you got you a problem]
That said, I’m all about that…and beggin’
[No…it isn’t wrong…]
That some problems will close up by themselves
while you’re alone]
I vow that I won’t fight like that last time

Verse 2
She’s some sub-dude subdued…in tatters…in the tow
…buttoned-down dullard dumped on Baltimore’s Dunmore
Bad times are bottled up drowned dreams
He’s sub-par. Stop the car. …time to buy a legend tenfold

Chorus [repeat to end]

It wasn’t like I tried to make this thing go the way that it did
I wasn’t one to wait and give into some Gold-sold challenge…debunked as stannum
…can’t root for that…pick that up and fly the stairs down
…wasn’t like I tried to make you change your mind
It was whatever you had was the thing you died from
I’ll forgive ‘til the moment your salvo zoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooms

"That Said (Sounds Like You Got You a Problem)" Featuring: Mark Drummond: guitar; SIDney Howard: Orca bass synthesizer, modeled e.bass, clavinet, B3 electric organ, Hohner Chromonica 64 harmonica, FCH “Trombone”, cookie tin, drums and percussion programming, lead and background vocals; Reuben Yabuku: additional background vocals

  Mississippi Moonpie     [Philippians 2:3]

Artificial coloreds eating artificial collards
Got a giant on the box.
What's that?
Ain't a dead gnat here to find
Got an axe to grind?
Well I got mine, Mississippi moonpie

'Stead of being injun, you a engineer smart boy
Shotgunshack ain't a fact in your world now
But-uh, howju be a watchu is
Without the "scratch/shuffle" end-and-around
…eating greens that ain't even from the ground?

Won't pick the cotton from a bottle,
But look at your roots and find a cotton-picking family
Of ground-grown, "poke-soaked, collards-coloreds
Dreaming of you running that end-and-around

Towne Cars and Cadillacs
You's way past that
Got a Lexus just to vex us
Come to town like a spaceman
just to find your left-behind's got their behinds up, too

March to the drummer
Beat your past…beat it fast!
Get your goings up to Heaven

Urban jungle-buddy, sphere-chucking GI-Joe-beau
Oh black Walter, keep on shining
Mississippi Moon Pie-eater...wontcha keep on, Shine.
Turn behind and see your future.

"Mississippi Moonpie" (or "A Deltan's Narcissism Blues") Featuring a recitation by Reuben Yabuku; SIDney Howard: modeled strings and acoustic bass, Steinway Grand piano, FCH "Trumpet"

  Settled and Due…     [2 Timothy 3]

Another's told, "The end is upon us.
Serious times are at hand."
Sound that alarm bell
Tell them about the stakes involved
Walk them through all the doom, go far
We'll then take a new-found hope-bound
Settled and due

They're pointing down
…peering at names on tombstones
…proving time has missed them
The doubt that's stumbling off in them
Now dials up the certainty
Send it to them; bother someone
They'll die young (i)f'I don't
But they doubt the Son will let them fall

Do you put upon yourself things abandoned?
There're some times, folks…that I don’t see me getting in
‘til that same ol’ child that helped me know God
Showed up in the meantime to open things

Is our “knowing” wrong? …built along these sound-beams.

And that foul bitume sim’ed and skimmed as gold
I don’t know what to know; who’s had it told?
Didn’t I do good enough to’ve earn it? I don’t know
Tell (them)…show them love in truth then go

"Settled and Due…" Featuring Rodney Hoskins: lead and side vocals; SIDney Howard: modeled strings, Steinway Grand piano

  …In Time     [James 4:13-14]

Verse 1
There is someone who is down to
Bitter old shame—bound to same
Go tell them I’m coming to release them
Lay down your guard; show them you love them
…apply as if home

Verse 2
When they worship time that works in time
Finally down ‘til the time is gone
Wondering, where does it go?
This life…It all seems to have started going away
In time…until it has all ended

"…In Time" Featuring Erin Barger: vocal solo; SIDney Howard: Steinway Grand piano, Omnisphere synthesizer

  Setting A-SIDes     [James 4:13-14]

Featuring J. Carl Robinson: rhythm guitar and lead guitar solo; Sister Ohwaye*: "acoustic guitars"; SIDney Howard: *Korg Oasys PCI, drum and percussion programming, Moog Modular V synthesizer bass

  I’m the One

Verse 1
She wants an answer
She needs a man who’s her equal but no sequel to the last sir
She turned away
Some think her moody
But think, you know she’s got her duty
To her heart and to those inside

Change 1
I know that she’ll wait until she knows me
…wouldn’t due to be hasty
with all the time she’ll need just to find I’m the one

Chorus 1
One day soon she’ll see and she’ll tell me that I’m the one
She’ll see it’s true love that compels me
And I’m the one who loves her true

Verse 2
It’s her decision
She’s got to see to their provision
Those on her heart and those on her mind
Those things that trouble…those things that make her act all tough’ll
Just fade away when she see’s in time

Change 2
I know what she wants is just a true love
And she’s found it in me
But it takes that time
To show her mind, I’m the one

Chorus 2
One day soon she’ll see and she’ll tell me that I’m the one
She’ll see it’s true love that compels me
And I’m the one who loves her truly

And I’d like to know that she knows that I Am The One
She wanted answers; she’s got her answer
I Am: the one who will love her a lifetime true

Change 3
I know what she wants is just to know me
…wouldn’t due to be hasty
Take all the time you’ll need just to find I’m the one

Chorus 3
[repeat Chorus 1 to the end]

My love I share
My love, I care for you
My love, you know it’s true
And love for you is forever more
And more My love is growing you in me

"I’m The One" Featuring Rodney Hoskins: lead and background vocals; Kenny Watson and SiloamPool: background vocals SIDney Howard: background vocals, FCH "Tenor Saxophone", intro live Echoplex guitars, acoustic piano, modeled strings, bass and lead synthesizer, Hohner Chromonica 64 harmonica; Tim "X-Mann" Mann, Jack Marchbanks, and Torence Carey: guitars

  When Love Has Gotcha (Interlude)°

When love has gotcha
Where’d ya get the notion you’d be goin’?

When love has gotcha,
You can't get away
When love has gotcha,
You can't get away

Where'd ya get the notion you were broken?

"When Love Has Gotcha (Interlude)" °(Composed, arranged, and produced by Jack Marchbanks and SIDney Howard) Featuring: Cindy Young and Rodney Hoskins: lead vocals; SIDney Howard: modeled accordian, harmonium, harp and tuba, Omnisphere synthesizer, vocoder, drum and percussion programming, background vocals; Kenny Watson, Erin Barger, and SiloamPool: background vocals; Vito Lafata: Pedal Steel Guitar; Jason Gittinger: drums

  Can I Fly Away (With You)?     [1 Thessalonians 4:16]

Verse 1
It's the sad time—same time
Don't have rights to make your mind
But I would like to live your life with you
Daytime's pray time
Past this time's the reasons I'll return someday
To take you up with Me

Can I take you with Me?
When I go,
Will you fly away with Me?
...sure would like to take you
Away to stay beside Me forever
I'm planning on the wedding for us all

Verse 1b
Morning comes and says the night was not your friend
I died to redeem your life
To cry, "sorry," comes to late when it is the new day
Turn around and become new

Can I Fly Away With You?
Can I Fly Away With You?

Verse 2
Need Me. Breathe Me
Guide your heart to then beseech Me
Don't settle in the mire
In the quiet spaces I can help your tired injured soul to mend


"Can I Fly Away (With You)?" Featuring: Rodney Hoskins: lead, side, and background vocals; rufus harris: live acoustic guitar; SIDney Howard: background vocals, modeled strings and choir, "acoustic guitars", drum programming; Kenny Watson, SiloamPool, Erin Barger, John Holkeboer: background vocals

  How Long Is Wrong?     [Matthew 5:8 and 23:27]

Verse 1
I want to choke on their songs
…dimidiating bunkum, sewn
Many protests—set in mode: Death intense
Mail those same keen tones
Keep on saying, "Do wrong…doin' whatcha feel then"
Can thousands say, "Prepare today" and pass off sane as beautiful?

Loot can take them corner to throne
It’s all about the things we do wrong
And time in time goes on, but the sound long
Goes on…tag the shadow
Find those slackin’, vegin’, ‘bout to sell the book they’re afraid to read

Verse 2
Half-pursued, they’ll just shoot up to fifteen [DOOM! DUMB!]
…sheep to the wolf, baby…your booth-bound, set in slow-woe
Getting into the cycle, then you take me aside
Tell me stories ‘bout the glory of the worlds I live in

Sin’s a big shop…music’s hot
Predilection fills the dizzy
Used there to rapture fan deceit
Showboat to fame, move up and then...
Life gets too busy to forgive-up all that’s due
The fools on impulse auto-take one for the team, do

Honed modern instant karma pabulum…
Homes, what’s it set for? ...bone for bone?
The years inform in tea leaves to leave
…’til the wrong comes home
...says, "...postpone and pardon
Ditch your dues to stick ‘em to mood flow…high low"
Seems all default; but that dreaded devil sees you

How does that counterpoint form (the) tell-me business's?
How dumb do some suppose us?
…delving dealing outgoing ceremonies set in their to-do's
…count’s down to "one"; beat your buzzer…maybe make it ‘til Tuesday

[How long is wrong…]
…to cover love and deadened our lowly poor proceeding between and through the moments?
[How long is wrong?]
‘til beetles chew to pieces all your cover, ride your thesis through …woo-ooh-ooh

"How Long is Wrong" Featuring SIDney Howard: Moog Filter’d modeled e.bass, Polymoog, Hohner Chromonica 64 harmonica, lead, side, and background vocals; Kenny Watson: lead, side, and background vocals; SiloamPool: lead and background vocals; Erin Barger and John Holkeboer: background vocals; Mark Drummond: guitars; Rick Williams: tap dancing; Ron Otis: drums [recorded by rufus harris at bridgewerksAudio Services of Waterford MI]

  Enter Mission: D. E. A. Dass in: "Didn’t Know He Was Carrion"     [Matthew 23: 27]

Featuring SIDney Howard: NI Reaktor synthesizer bass, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Plugiator electric piano, modeled horns and timpanis, drum and percussion programming

  Da Hark-Side of the Mµne     [TM-PP 1-11]

Featuring LSE (Jack Marchbanks: announcer / Reuben Yabuku, Tiren Jhames, and Theresa Maybee: actors); Mark Drummond: guitar; SIDney Howard: acoustic piano, Omnisphere synthesizer, modeled french horns, drum programming, B3 electric organ


Verse 1
Lust just smokes that Pop from far from start that’s involved in
The molestation of noggins for fun
Jumping for cover, dodging sadness…what it’s done
It’s charmed brothers in search—who offended—just hunt problems

Why do they call it cancer?
‘cause they can, sir
That’s your answer
Why do they all just dance, sir?
‘cause they stand, sir, on their own

Verse 2
Ignorance does what sets the buzz
In its bliss the world kisses the dark because…
The laws-of-nothing make rules seem like they butt in
Undaunted, owned ‘cause they bought into
god inside ‘em—kept in hiding


Verse 3
Let’s rescind the thought of sin
Let’s all fit in; we’re all just in this
Let’s pretend this never ends,
And praying is just for fools
Let’s just all come cool
Dumb down ‘til numb so they’ll never see it come


Verse 4
That’s a fact, the dance is back
Dunce ament will chance anent ‘til...
Dex-effects to taste the wreck
[s’all the daytime mind-grime in the…]
Some move on, while some hang strong
[…system for lovers of these dark times]

That’s the fact, the dance is back
Dunce ament will chance anent ‘til
{Tell me...who}
Dex-effects to taste the wreck
[s’all the daytime mind-grime in the]
{Tell me...}
Some move on, while some hang strong
[system for lovers of these dark times]
{Let’s go ‘love’ by the wrong songs}

Don’t buy the lie
Slip-sly, it by and by will web
Flies into its trappings
Don’t buy the lie, "You are the guy, and in you is the sky...

...made by you while napping."


"Cancer" Featuring SIDney Howard: Prophet 5 lead synthesizer, NI Massive bass synthesizer, Omnisphere synthesizer, Casio CZ-101 synthesizer, drums and percussion programming, human beatbox, lead and background vocals; Sarah Jjira, SiloamPool, and Cindy Young: lead and background vocals; Mark Drummond: rhythm guitars


Intro ["I’ll Get By"]
I’m just a reason for your lies
I can’t please you, I’ll release you
Don’t you worry, I’ll get by
You don’t want me, You don’t need me
I’m just a reason for your lies

Verse 1
I find it necessary to share the pain I carried
Deep inside of me so long it ate me hollow
I cared too much about you; I couldn’t live without you
…or so I thought, until that day I had you followed

LIES! No more of your lies
I was so surprised by all your lies

Verse 2
It’s such a nasty business—this thing of hers and his. Just…
What were you thinking when you tread on my emotions?
I’ll take you to the cleaners for every time you’ve seen her
I’ll make you count the cost for losing my devotion

What Mama told me ‘bout the boys made me just say, "No! It couldn’t be that bad"
But, boy you showed me how by what you’re doing now
…and all these itty pitiful lies

Keep playing


Verse 3
I find it tough accepting that all I’d been expecting
For you to be to me was more than you could handle
I could be understanding were it not for your demanding
Insults on my intelligence about this scandal
It’s best we now dissolve it
The problem, you could solve it
But, asking for apologies is self-defeating
You know, I’ve learned a lesson
You’ve got her with my blessing
You’ve got the looks, but we know beauty’s all so fleeting



"Lies" Featuring Lish: lead and background vocals; SIDney Howard: acoustic piano, guitar looping, Yamaha CS80 synthesizer, vocoder, drums and percussion programming, under-lead and background vocals; Kenny Watson, SiloamPool, Erin Barger, and Cye: background vocals

  What's It Gonna Take

What’s it gonna take to make you change your mind?
…all the things I’ve been telling you,
You think is just a line
But these times will be behind you soon

What’s it gonna take to make the truth divine?
Is it all about the signs?
You want to look no further than your eyes

"What’s It Gonna Take?" Featuring SIDney Howard: lead vocals, Omnisphere synthesizer, electric guitar, "e. guitars"; Jason Gittinger: drums

  I'm Faithful

Verse 1
A little thing goes too far to make up
I’m staying in the places that you asked me to
I’m not the kind of guy who sells to break up
I’m staying really faithful, giving all to you

I recall those warm summer nights
The Duke of Dare sparring with the Queen of Hearts
Though you see me run for my life
It’s two steps away…two steps away

I’m faithful
I’m faithful
A little trust goes a long long way
I’m faithful
I’m faithful
A little trust goes a long long way

Verse 2
I last as long as any man can
…face every element you say will lead me astray
I keep on on the straight line…straight line
And suffer through the things your friends have to say

Clinging to your pillow, you’re crying
What mamma don’ told ya gotcha bluesing the night
Never did you ask was she lying…SHHH!
She’s two steps away…two steps away

Chorus repeats

Trust me!

"I'm Faithful" Featuring Carey Denha: lead and side vocals; SIDney Howard: lead and bass synthesizers, Casio CZ-101 synthesizer, drum programming, acoustic piano, background vocals; Kenny Watson, SiloamPool, Erin Barger, and John Holkeboer: background vocals

  Tempted and Tested°°

I’ve been tempted and tested
I’ve been tried and found true to you
I’ve been tempted and tested
I’ve been tried and found true to you

Verse 1
You know all these long nights with Leesa
It’s about work; and there’s no play
Whispered words on the job say release her
They think the worst, but I can’t treat her that way


Verse 2
You say you’ve been hurt by a phone call
But you won’t give me a name. No…no.
I know who told you, you were lucky to have me
Those weren’t my words, but it’s still me you blame


I can’t deny the way she feels…the way she looks at me.
But what she wants, I pledge to you I’ll make you see
It’s not so wrong that you feel this way, but let me say,
That’s something I won’t do…
Never hurt you…never hurt you…never hurt you…

"Tempted and Tested" °°(Composed, arranged, and produced by Jack Marchbanks and SIDney Howard) Featuring Kenny Watson: lead, side, and background vocals; SIDney Howard: lead synthesizer, acoustic piano, drum programming, background vocals; SiloamPool, Erin Barger, and John Holkeboer: background vocals; Jack Marchbanks: background vocals, and acoustic and electric guitars; Ralf Patterson: bass guitar

  After Some Piano Liaisons: ii-iii-I

Featuring SIDney Howard: Steinway Grand piano

  Let's Just Get Along     [1 Corinthians 9:22/Matthew 10:16]

Verse 1
Well, it seems from the first time
We never had systems running sense, to them upon thrones
And the reason notwithstanding —would imagine—s'still an orphaned jones for moans
Island deserts fixed for gardens, Eden's grown and gone
Down among the hipsters, that's the tone
Lost on the avenue, on the boulevard, still in court there,
The new thoughts done, moved ahead

While the price of nice is down on the level, tell 'em
Let's just get along
Silence falls off from the devil's shovel, selling let's just get along

Verse 2
I couldn't be seen without some wounds
…moving up in the standings, and casting shadows
And lopsidedly escaping to find sneak thieves groovin' on under calming to cheat you
Humility is such a fun word, but then it goes and calls for a change
Your love when you conquer your mountains, in fountains of living water,
Will speak to their needs


Glow on with all the truth, all the new in and on ya; leave you behind you
Save overbearing for those staring down on the caring, for want of their [quote]crimes

[grand piano Solo]

Chorus/Vamp (out to fade)

"Let's Just Get Along" Featuring SIDney Howard: lead and bass synthesizers, Steinway Grand piano, FCH “Trumpet”, modeled chamber strings, drums and percussion programming, hand claps, lead and background vocals; SiloamPool: side and background vocals; Sarah Jjira, Linnon Wells, and John Holkeboer: background vocals; Jack Marchbanks: guitars

  ‘Call Lee’ Ante     [Proverbs 10:22]

Featuring Torence Carey: lead & rhythm guitar; Phillip Van Buren: tenor sax; SIDney Howard: lead and bass synthesizers, vocoder, Hohner Chromonica 64 harmonica, B3 electric organ, loop programming; LSE (Tiren Jhames: as "the ubiquitous ad" / Theresa Maybee: as "faker plaintiff" )

  Happened to Happen to Happen     [Revelation 2:4]

Verse 1
Look at me without we; tragedy is the lonely path I take
Shadows grow, even saddled with knowing true love no longer makes
Trodden…alone…let’s assume that’ll do.

…what’s due these stones made of hearts once alive
But I don’t see summer, back here from my wintry tomb
I’m sorry that I hurt us

For, ever losing you was never quite my intent
But passion sobered into habitual sentiment
And what became of dreams was never quite what I meant
To happen, it happened to happen
And, ever losing you was never quite my intent
But passion sobered into habitual sentiment
And what became of dreams was never quite what I meant
To happen, it happened to happen

Verse 2
All alone on my throne I belong
Sovereign king of pain
…soullessly into a simple heart made of stone to atone
…subtle doubts in some form
Come to take me…come to shake me…shape me into a somebody who cares
Set me down, change time
Hold me now, and make me whole


Start a fire; target my desire for you
I know that I’m determined, tired of this desire-less form; move
I pray, renew me.

[Monologue Solo]

Repeat Chorus/fade

"Happened to Happen to Happen" Featuring Linnon Wells: lead vocal; SIDney Howard: modeled electric guitar, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Omnisphere synthesizer, lead synthesizer, Mellotron "Flutes", drum and percussion programming, background vocals

  Lullaby 4: Ourmasaandni Ceorahles     [Mark 6:31]

Featuring Sister Ohwaye*: "acoustic guitars"; SIDney Howard: *Korg Oasys PCI





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